UK became Joke of Century-now free Ireland and prove it..



Ireland Voted to REMAIN ,against British 51.8% vote to "LEAVE"-Now with same Logic UK must free Ireland without any referendum and prove to world that it has washed hands from its inhuman history of enslaving people and later keeping them slave Diplomatically.Britain paying for Historical crimes NOW

This is the time for GREAT BRITAIN to prove that it has truly became independent and washed hands from its ghastly past of enslaving poor and helpless across the world,last symbol of UK'S shameful Monarchy Past,when Britishers tried to rule and exploit the poor in Africa,Asia,Europe and USA by policy of "Divide and Rule"

Time equals all and British royal family is best example of being reduced to museum items by its own people.

Ireland is one such country,which was enslaved and kept enslaved ,first by force and later by Diplomatic tricks this country and its people were against their had always been kept enslaved,so much so that they have been made to 'REMAIN with UK in a past so called referendum.

Scottish Politicians in  past have literally sold Irish Freedom Movement and life of hundreds of youngsters to Britain and got them killed like animals by so called Democratic UK.

This is the time for Irish people, as they must take their demand for freedom ahead,which they did by voting in favor of EU against so called British Vote to leave.

Britain has lost all moral and political grounds now after BREXIT to halt Irish Freedom.

This referendum and voting pattern do not reflect a democratic but a fractured Britain ,where like old days rich and influential people sitting in London selling common old and uneducated country side simple villagers.

this is what British royal family did for more than a century with poor countries,Africa and Asia, old habit never dies ,so same is now Elected governments are doing with own poor countrymen in Britain.

This is the lesson ,how mighty and powerful fall flat and begin to cut each others throat due to genetic fault of ancestors ,who enjoyed exploiting poor and helpless, now Politicians are doing same with own countrymen- UK,which once made ,other countries look like poor and illiterate, today became a Historical Joke itself. This is how who laughs at misfortune of others and exploit them,become jokers themselves one day.




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