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We continue the Scriggler Author Spotlight series with a quick interview with Stephen Christiansen — the author of “Harbinger”, a Science Fiction adventure/thriller set not too far into the future.

Stephen Christiansen

5 Sentences about you.
I’ve been a husband for 19 years to a wonderful and loving wife and a father for my 15 year old daughter. I love to travel and go on adventures with my family and this is reflected in my books, since the reader is taken on many journeys. I’m a total geek and love Science Fiction and Fantasy equally and enjoy writing in both genres. Writing has become a real passion of my and I’ve finished my 17th book with several more plotted out ready to be written. When not writing or going on traveling adventures, I enjoy painting miniatures and gardening.

5 Sentences about the book.

“Harbinger” is a Science Fiction adventure/thriller set not too far into the future. It brings up some modern day situations while introducing the problems of tomorrow. The ship is based on a Navy LST personal carrier that my dad used to be stationed on for a few years, and since I was able to make a couple of returning trips on the ship, I’ve carried the familiarity of the vessel into the story. Not wanting to give anything away, the story centers on a group of Terraformers that have been sent out to a new world to get it ready for colonization. Nothing was supposed to go wrong. Everything did.

5 Sentences about one of the books’ characters.
Denise is the Terraformers’ engineer/mechanic. She’s a no-nonsense type of woman who knows how to handle herself around machinery and computers without a problem and there isn’t much that she can’t fix. Her high marks in graduate school allowed her to work for a high and prestigious company but the harassment and corporate politics have driven her to take on the terraforming assignment. She appreciates the feel of machinery and can understand problems just by listening to how the motor or gears are working. Her favorite past time is keeping up her old motor bike that she has been able to find scraps and old parts to help rebuild.

Why do you think people should read it?
The book is an “edge of your seat” “page turner” and keeps the reader guessing what would happen next. The characters are lovable, or hated depending on the character. Even the ending has kept readers wondering what had happened and what’s in store for the future.

Who is your ideal reader?
The ideal reader is anyone who loves Science Fiction, anyone who likes action, anyone who like a little bit of dystopian future, anyone who has ever been aboard a naval ship, and anyone who thinks that colonizing a new world would be a piece of cake. Those who have read it have thoroughly enjoyed it and have asked me to write a sequel to the book.

Other authors you admire — especially contemporary. Anyone stands out in particular?
My two favorite authors are Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King. Silverberg, Asimov, Bradbury, Robin Cook, and Crichton also come to mind. Poe was my first favorite author and thoroughly enjoyed his style of writing from his science fiction to his investigative crime drama to his more thrilling and well known darker stories. Recently I’ve been enjoying Stephen King and I think readers would be able to see some of these influences in some of my stories.

Any other influences in your works?
I’ve been influenced by old Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Ray Bradbury Show and Tales from the Dark Side. I used to watch these as often as I could and have enjoyed their twists in plots and their beyond the normal story lines. I think readers would be able to see some of these influences in my works.

How are you approaching the promotion of the book so far?
Currently it’s just word of mouth and social media. I’ve got several Facebook pages and as well as being on Twitter and Goodreads Scriggler has also been very helpful in getting information out about all of my books.

Cover design and editing — who did you use and how was the experience?
For “Harbinger”, I bought a limited usage for the picture from a place called Dreamstime. Once I have the image that I want, I go through Lulu . There I’m able to use one of their programs to put the cover together. Some of my other stories have pictures that I’ve taken with my own camera “Star Wars Ebon Mortis” and “Lost Souls” are just a couple of these examples.

Print or ebook? (both in general and how do you approach this for your book?)
I sell all of my books in both print and Ebook format. Personally, I enjoy feeling the feel of paper and being able to set it down on a table and showing off what book I’m reading. However, with more individuals reading Ebooks, I wanted to make sure that everyone had access to the stories. My approach is the same for either version, and Lulu allows me to make both very easily.

If anyone is interested in doing a review — how should they approach you?
Very carefully. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.  Anyone can reach me on Twitter or any of the above links and leave a message; I’m very quick at getting back to people. If individuals want to leave a review for “Harbinger” they can do so on Amazon, iBooks , Goodreads , and Lulu .



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