Four Weeks — The Beginning



A new sci-fi adventure!

This is a sci-fi that starts out as a story of a man who suddenly discovers that it is entirely up to him to save the Earth from the wrath of a certain alien race, though he is not quite ready for it as he is suddenly left without his love or his family. When his journey leads him to the alien planet, he learns about their not so perfect society, about the trouble makers and the peace keepers, some of the wildlife, the traditions and the games. Though not conscious of it, he slowly becomes too involved. He mingles, he makes a friend and discovers that watching the aliens lets him imagine the society back on Earth, differently. But as the threat of Earth’s destruction still looms, he has to filter through many thoughts to stay focused on the enemy — thoughts about the culture of the aliens, about the overwhelming odds he faces and painful recollections of his love and family. When he gets to the end, he finds out that he has set the stage for a an epic series of events.

Four Weeks – The Beginning, the first book of the series has suspense, comedy, aliens, superpowers, adventure, love, friendship and some insight into human behaviour.

The full story plays out over four weeks and reveals a shocking connection between the Earth and the alien planet that binds their fates — a connection that no one knows has existed since the very first of the alien beings started inhabiting their planet. It involves several characters from different time periods. The events of Four Weeks, big and small are set in a variety of geographical locations on Earth as well as on the alien planet to culminate in a heartwarming conclusion that no one will see coming.

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