How did we get here; how do we eliminate gun violence within our communities? Finding it near stunning to witness countless "intellectual communities" who are privileged to large platforms, but few fail to mention one of the simplest solutions to eliminating or minimizing violent behavior patterns, particularly gun related. Have we become so consciously numb that we are incapable of rejecting the BS fed by the majority?

One critical fact remain, "We The People"as a society have become a land of cowards. No longer are we capable of disagreeing, expressing personal opinions or even discuss problematic areas in life, be it personal, professional or political without blowing a gasket!

Only cowards find it necessary to inflict harm, wound or take the life of another human being. The issue of gun violence is a direct result of lazy minds and arrogant bullies who cannot resolve confrontations without leading to death or destruction.

Background checks are great; however, please keep in mind, some unstable citizens manage to escape tracking. Many suspects remain free or elude prosecution. Can any of us claim that every gun-packing psycho has a criminal record or documented mental illness?

Clearly, the Presidents order is a start and an attempt to do something rather than nothing. Love or hate him; the man is trying to create order where we obviously have none. Maybe his suggestions are not what some consider the best solution, but try to applaud the effort, if nothing more.

Violence must be resolved through education. Conflict-Resolution courses should be mandatory in ALL American schools. Violent mentalities or the notion that one must use a deadly weapon to resolve conflict is learned behavior. Babies do not enter the world with a “kill or be killed” psyche.

Children must learn problem-solving techniques and proper methods to reduce tense situations, without the use of physical altercations or weapons.  Otherwise, we are cleverly breeding another generation of folks who believe the only option for problem solving is through a gun barrel.


It is customary for most professionals to participate in continual conflict management training. ALL citizens should have some exposure to the same basic behavior formulas, ones that might increase or save our lives. The average professional understands that he/she cannot walk up to a difficult colleague and unleash violent attacks, certainly not with a gun. All Americans should be so wise.


Please enlighten me; have we become so egotistical that we are incapable of fighting with words, heck, even a good ole fistfight, if necessary? Must we result to shooting and possibly eliminating life? Surely, WE are bright enough to understand that aiming a loaded weapon at another human being should be the last result, not the rule.


Only the strong survive; we are dying rather than protecting and increasing our potential as a society. We cannot resolve gun violence if people are lazy and arrogant. It takes more guts to find alternative ways to fight, rather than picking up a gun to fight for you.



With Love and Sincerity-

E. Amoire


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