True love=happiness,fake love=misery,love and be loved truly



True love for me is one day when I am 70 , my man tells me, that all we passed through, the good and the bad moments, was worthy of it all, that he is happy, to have the woman I am now, and be next to me during the process of becoming this woman I am now!


   For centuries people fall in love and fall apart… Heartake is one of the most ¨popular¨pain in human´s life, everyone has suffered at least once from this negative emotion.  It hurts more than the physical pain… Heartake is like a snake, eating you inside, poisoning your body, taking away every drop of desire to live as you used to, every smile, every calm night turns into a nightmare.

   Then what is love? Is it paradise or is it hell? 

    For me the true love is a statement of freedom! You feel free, your mind and feelings are soaring like a bird, no fear, no thoughts about past or future, no regrets and most of all true love doesn´t cause suffer! But to get to this amazing emotional state ,  you first have to eliminate your negative emotional bag off your back and let yourself free of all the burdens you are carrying , stopping your soul from soaring and just feel the pure energy of love right there in your heart. I beleave that if you only could stop distracting yourself and your loved ones with your spinning negative emotions and thoughts, because it is a circus, once you are inside, it is difficult to get out of it, unless you have a big inner strength to break through. You can´t feel positive, if you carry negativity inside of yourself, you can´t  be free, while you are having such a heavy bags on your back, full of negative emotions, worries, stress, fears and distractive thoughts… You will feel mad, angry, sad, frustrated and all these emotions are enemies of Love, opposites of Love.

   For me Love is something pure, beyond the mind, you don´t analyze or overthink, you just love.

   Love doesn´t know what is a doubt, Love only knows what is hope and faith… If someone truly loves you, you just know… He won´t let any doubt to pass through your mind, any shade of wonder. If you doubt about where is your place in someone´s life, then he doesn´t love you truly.

   True love will never leave you in your weak moments, true love will stay , when you deserve it less, true love will show you the way, when you are lost, true love will carry you on her wings, when yours are broken and on her back when your legs can´t keep walking any more, true love will do anything and everything to take the pain away.

   I believe that true love is patient, it will stay until you become a better person, it won´t give up , because of your mistakes, it won´t ask why or how… True love Understands…

   Real love is being together in bad times, in times when the struggles are more , than the happy moments, true love is in growing together, fighting the struggles together, true love doesn´t think about leaving… True Love never gives up, True Love fights! Real love cares more for the other´s happiness!  Real love wants you for what you are, not what you have to be! Real love will Ever Find a Way , True love Never Ends. True love ever gives all, you never feel alone or lonely, true love understands and forgive, true love forgets … True love makes you happy, fake love makes you miserable…

   True love is eternal and infinite!


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