correspondence between me & CreateSpace about a book a staff-member called a "masterpiece"

INTRODUCTION — A CreateSpace Staff-Member Labels My Work A "Masterpiece"

Well, it should go somewhere, this little piece of correspondence! It was with surprise that I found myself on the receiving end of what is ridicule (if I am not mistaken which perhaps I am) by a member of CreateSpace's staff. The gist of the matter can be understood from my letter to CreateSpace support and the issue is here because I think it may interest all those thousands of souls who press the "publish" button every day on Kindle, CreateSpace and other self-publishing platforms that have given all of us a freedom we never dreamt of twenty-five years ago.


Re Kgotso CreateSpace Member Services And His Repeated Reference To My "Masterpiece" : Case #06362563

Nobody in his right mind believes that his book is a "masterpiece" especially on the self-publishing platform where so many books are self-published every day, where quality and quantity are always issues, and where ease of publishing means anything and everything can be published!

Therefore, I was surprised — to say the least — to find a staff member of CreateSpace referring twice to my book "Collected Selected Words" as a "masterpiece". Either, Kgotso doesn't understand the meaning of the word or he / she is taking the piss. Either way, please understand I am neither a very pretentious nor a very conceited writer so while I hope there is some merit in my writing and while I aspire to writing a unique book, as yet I think I haven't and I never refer to my work as a "masterpiece". I'd appreciate an explanation as to why a staff-member wishes to ridicule an indie. After all, we are part of your bread and butter, I think.


The "masterpiece" "Collected Selected Words" with its new cover and with its new title "Great Tits I've Known (And Other Species)" which further explains why I am corresponding with CreateSpace about what to do with the old "masterpiece" in its old form.

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