Dreams and their Interpretation



My recurring dreams and possible meaning

For many months I have been having variations on a recurring dream.

I am in an enclosed place, usually a large institution, like a school or university with many buildings and I can’t find my way out. It's like a maze and every time I open a door it leads to another room in the same building. Usually I am alone and sometimes the building is being renovated.

The other location is sometimes outdoors, I have to reach somewhere but I don’t know the way and end up being lost. Usually there is body of water in this dream, seaside or river.

Sometimes I am alone on a bus at night, the lights are off inside and outside and I don’t know the destination.(real scary)

Or, I have to call home for someone to come for me and I can’t remember the number and keep dialing the wrong one.

All of which have been interpreted as associated with my feelings of frustration with aspects of my actual life. I usually wake up feeling a bit depressed or foolish at being so inadequate.

Well, last night, I again went into a large office building, this time with many people working in different departments. I had an appointment to see someone and when I asked for direction I was totally stone-walled by all the workers.  I asked for the person with whom I had an appointment, but nobody seemed to know her name. I kept opening the doors to several offices and different departments and getting nowhere. BUT, finally the big boss came, was not interested in me or my mission, but showed me the way out. I was so glad to go through the door and see my way to the road. However, I still had to negotiate the parking area now filled with water and stepping stones. (When I arrived there was only a small pool of water at one end.) My shoes got wet but I jumped from stone to stone and eventually I reached the road. What a relief!

I wonder if this is the end of these frustrating recurring dreams. Recent circumstances have mitigated one of my real life challenges, but there are others. If I don't get these dreams again, I will be very happy. Although, perhaps this might be just my subconscious trying to cope with my real life.

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