Friends for a "Season" .. They do exist .. And maybe most of them are Like that .. That's Why it comes a time that You have an "Overdose" of friends .. And then it comes a period You feel so very empty .. Where do all these ones go? They dissappear .. Maybe they were around You for a reason .. And then they got what they wanted .. So now there's no reason for their existance .. They are goin' to search for new idiots Like You ... Yes You are an idiot cuz You believed in such dump people And you called them "more than friends" don't you feel it? Don't you feel that You are an idiot? .. You wanna Give help but then You See them talkin' Like You made something' wrong .. But yes You are wrong cuz You tried to help those who will never deserve it .. Maybe they were really Nice one day .. But their season has ended .. They should leave You .. Even in your hardest moments .. Fuck it who cares 'bout You? You are wastin' your time with them but then You win nothin' .. Sometimes our minds speak too loud .. We need to make these words out ..

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