My Life is a Surrealistic Nightmare



Sometimes I feel as though I'm the only one who sees how absurd our lives have become

It's 4 a.m. and I'm awake. Which can be expected for two reasons: first, I went to sleep at 8 p.m. to avoid the political debates; and second, because the coal trucks began speeding up my street -- leaving soot in their wake -- en route to the power plant that spews out toxins by the metric ton.

Yesterday I spoke with a representative of the local sewer service. They sent me a "10 Day Service Termination Notice." The woman on the phone coldly told me that unless I paid my bill, they would turn off my water. When I told her that I recently lost my job and could not pay the full amount at this time, she said that it was not her problem. When I also told her that this would create unsanitary and life-threatening conditions, she directed me to contact a charity. The bizarre thing about this is, I paid my water bill; and if they wouldn't have recently raised the sewer bill by nearly 50 percent, I probably wouldn't have gotten behind in the first place.

I received a text on my cell phone -- well, you can read it above. I'm just going to let them turn off the service. I've already looked into getting one of those VoIP jacks that you pay 40 or 50 bucks a year for phone service (and they have an app for WiFi calls, too). The hell with them...

I tried to combine my TV and internet service to save money, but they keep raising the prices and charging me for their taxes and sports fees -- I don't even watch sports!

Basically the cost of everything has risen beyond my ability to pay -- and I live a very humble life in a small house in a crumbling neighborhood in the poor part of town. 

So there you have it, life in 21st Century America -- the land of the slaves and home of cowards. A place where those who've made billions off the backs of the hard-working taxpayers, keep raising the prices so they can have more. A place that wages war all over the planet so that global military corporations can make billions in profits to manufacture more weapons and killing machines. A place where politicians are sock-puppets to Wall Street gamblers. A place where bankers print free money for themselves and charge ridiculous interest rates to the citizens. By the way, I cancelled all my credit cards, too.

What's even more insane are the talking heads on TV that support the power-hungry politicians and greedy financiers. Let's face it, the media is more to blame than the politicians. If they wouldn't parrot what comes out of Washington and the State Houses, maybe more people would see how this country has become one big tax farm -- a return to the plantation days.

The violence and social unrest that we see on our city streets and around the world is preventable. Sure there are bad cops, racists and all of that; but we shouldn't be handing out guns to psychopaths and sociopaths in the first place. Moreover, if people weren't struggling to keep a roof over their head and to feed themselves and their families, they wouldn't be constantly on the brink of snapping out. Stress not only kills the one under pressure, but it often boils over to those surrounding the tortured individual.

People have to shake off their cognitive dissonance and lives of diversion. We're all just a few rent increases and price increases away from homelessness. Avoiding the reality that we are already living in a totalitarian dystopia is madness. We are living in a totalitarian dystopia! Just look beyond your furnished apartment and plush car interior and see the world that surrounds you.

And one more thing... Believing that a politician will save you is laughable. Things have gotten progressively worse over the last several decades and there have been both Republicans and Democrats "in charge." The laws are written by the lobbyists who represent the corporations that own this country. Yes, we've been bought and sold years ago, and all that political media circus is nothing more than theater. You are being deceived, lied to and played for a fool.

Hey, the sun is starting to come out... looks like it's going to be a nice shinny day! I hope my face doesn't melt.

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