Character Description (Session: Xander)



I'm going to call him Xander. This is me throwing some characters around for books I write in the future.

Xander was taught by his lifetime that love was a mistake. "By loving someone, you leave yourself open to disappointment," he would often say. Something changed in him when he met that strange girl and learned to love her. Love, for once, did not mean romance. He would often challenge this girl's thinking of things like love and faith, treating her as though she were his brother. He would soon come to realize that the woman she had become had been in his life longer than his own mother. The need and desire for love had always been there, but it was as if she had awakened the want for it. As relationships failed, she was there for support and growth onto the next attempt. Heartbreak was new to him, and his first love's suicide left him inconsolable.

A feeling he couldn't even remember, despair filled him and he turned to drugs. This strange girl now became his partner-in-crime. Though drugs were not new to him, this time proved to be more hard-core than he had ever gone before. He would wake up in locations he could not remember arriving at and slowly nights blurred into days that turned into a night club, pumped with music and sex. All around him, his desires would be had without him, and every now and then he would find a girl to dance with for the night. He never took these girls home, calling them "whores" and saying "I could never trust her because of the way that I met her. It was over before it started." 

As they fall further down into the lifestyle of pills and cocaine, Xander and his best friend get to know each other in a way neither of them had expected.


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