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I shall start by saying, I am as much looking to learn as I am to share, don't be afraid to comment :) . Also this was not my subject of choice, I am letting the universe guide me, which is why I write what I am asked, by whomever- so if anyone would like to give me a subject, then please do.


To introduce the topic, how did the subject even arise as a question? Likely it is due to the fact that I badger people to give me questions, and so it followed that after discussing psychic potential with a friend (a very handsome young male friend I should add) I was asked to write about spirit animals. How on earth do spirit animals relate psychic abilities? – according to some research, in fact, they may not. The conversation started along the lines of me talking about clairvoyants, about how my Grandma is clairvoyant, and about how amazingly detailed and accurate my reading from my Gran, and from a medium was. I was told I have been connecting with the same spirit that was speaking with the psychic medium, and that when I hear this persons voice talk in my head, that is why (tbh that freaked me out as I actually had been hearing my granddad in my thoughts). They then said that I had been using cards and a book, to do some type of psychic reading- but not tarot cards. He was again correct, though I was actually only messing around with spirit animal things to see what, if anything, I could perceive. My friend then asked if I believe I am psychic, so I told him, ‘’I did not even used to believe in psychics, but now after letting my Gran read my palm for the first time I surely do. Maybe I am, I don’t know, I think most people are psychic to some extent’’. I have noticed that the more I work on purifying, loving, and believing in myself, the more I realise I at the very least I have always had at least some level of ESP, which becomes sharper the more inner work I do. Perhaps it is here to serve me on my journey as I strive to change the world for the better (starting with myself of course — but who knows?).  Throughout my life I have had dreams and daydreams about things that have then gone on to happen, though this could be just coincidence or might relate to my extremely empathetic and sensitive nature. Either way: as with most ideas I shall keep my mind open.

 (Note — this dude here describes such empathic nature very well, however personally I don’t fit all of this criteria to a tee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6metM7iu6Cc )

 Back to the blog...

I then told my dashing acquaintance that I had tried to sense other people’s spirit totems, purely out of curiosity as to what I would find. I told him when my daughter was 6 we were strolling along in the park and she bursts out with, ‘’mum I can sense spirit animals, yours is a crocodile’’. When I looked up the meaning of it at the time I was surprised how well it described my life. http://www.spirit-animals.com/alligator-or-crocodile/ At the time in my life she this was bang on. I had only recently begun to read about everything I wanted to know, because I hadn’t had regular access to the internet until 2014. After becoming ever more open minded over time, I decided I would have a crack at doing it. It basically involved meditating with someone usually, but not always because sometimes there is a really strong sense when I look into someone eyes. As soon as I focused in on feeling energy, I would see an animal’s image in my mind’s eye, afterwards I would look up what the totem meant. Twice I had done this with different people and the totem reading I received had been an animal spirit which they had been calling for help with. However, most people I come across like myself until recently had never even heard of spirit animals. Sometimes I get two animals, sometimes one. According to a friend who is more spiritually aware than myself, everyone has a totem that they came into this earth with, this is their power animal, everyone can also have other guide spirits. Guide spirits can change at any point in time, and can be any living animal, including insects. However through reading I have found that rather than being something which is found via a psychic ability, it seems that the only way a person can find their totem is to look within themselves. Knowing is innate for some. The totem concept has been around since the days of Greek mythology, though it is most often associated with Native Americans and other shamanic cultures. The idea is that the totem present serves the purpose of guiding one to explore the unexplored areas within oneself. They carry messages to be acknowledged for personal development, emotional growth, transformation, direction comfort and perspective. Whilst it is clear for some from childhood their main totem, the subconscious mind is the place in which the totem is active. It can therefore not be a choice through conscious thought thus in dreams and during meditation are the most likely places a totem would appear to an individual in the mind, though they can appear in physical form or signs. Repetitiveness is key to finding what animal is present, but so are feelings. A feeling of awe about a certain animal, or an animal which a person has often felt drawn to could be a person’s totem. That is if a person believes so.   

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