Why People Steal



People steal because they are ignorant

People steal for many reasons. If they have too much pride and will not beg for a need such as food, they will steal it.

If a beggar does not get what he or she needs-they will become a thief. So we need to teach out children to ask for what they need and learn how to get needs met.


Teach them the difference between a want and a need. We need only one pair of shoes-not ten.


We need basic food, shelter and clothing. There is poverty in the World because some people think they own things. Think about this. If you were to die now-could you take anything  with you? Nope.


So learn to share. I recently gave my daughter a computer. She needed one because like me-she writes books. It made her very happy and I bought it at Finger hut so it will be paid out as I could not afford the whole price.

Work for your things and you will like and enjoy them more. Our bodies were made for work and work makes you forget troubles and helps you sleep better.


Notice I said people who steal are ignorant. That means they do not know better and some do not.


There is a Universal law that when you steal something-you must repay 5 times. If you do not-your things will break or be stolen from you until the debt is repaid.


The next time you see a beggar-give them some food or a little money. It takes courage to beg. A beggar cannot get their basic needs met so they become a thief.



If a thief continues in his or her crime-they may become a robber. A robber is much worse for they value things above life.


An example is a bank robber. They take a gun and take others money and sometimes kill people in the process and that is why bank robbery is a federal crime in America.


In America, we are to be secure in our homes. This means if someone tries to come in and steal or harm us we have the right to kill them.


Teach your children to respect others things. And not to trespass.





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