Our Congress!!! by Rhonda L. Jackson



Our Congress

I have left many jobs in my lifetime and never did I stop working just because I was leaving!! Now luckily our president feels the same. Just because it is his last year in office doesn't mean he should shirk his responsibilities. One of his responsibilities is to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court! Now republican senate leaders have decided not to do the job they were elected to do. Sooooo what is there to be done? Well maybe it's time to refill some senate jobs with people who want to do their jobs as Congress People! I think The Congress like The Presidency should have term limits and I bet I am not alone in this opinion!! Term limits would cut down on gerrymandering and it would give greater power to the American people where the power belongs. If our US Senators and Representative knew that they had a limited amount of time to get things done I think they would be about the business of getting things done!!!! When I think of a senator or a representative being in office for 20 years I think why is it taking them so long to do what they came to Washington to do. Liberal or conservative it should not take our elected officials twenty plus years to do came to Washington to do and if it does maybe they are not the people to get this job done!!!

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