"Silent Love" is only Power to manifest-rest are processes



Focus within and Key to manifest is there.

Whatever you need or want,there is only one power that manifests it-that is Love.So begin with being deeper and deeper in love,one at a time with all that you seek.

When we do not know ,which process among thousands available to adopt to heal a disease or need,instead of wandering in physical world,enter in depths of  Silence’once you begin to attune with your own self, you are guided to healing the issue,which you need to resolve,even people and teachers will be directed to come and teach you ,prescribed healing processes.

Find a corner in outer or inner world,Be there on 3 intersections of day-morning,afternoon,evening for minimum 10 minutes and begin to envision your desired result.With every passing session you will be ONE with your purpose.

It is Just being in love and doing nothing else.

Gradually manifestation happens,as “Stamp of Truth is simplicity”.

[Book Excerpts-“Manifest Desired Life”-Author-Anirudh Dhodapkar]

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