So this is how our lives get better .. Lookin' around And around for a friend .. Makin' new relationships .. Gettin' closer to your mind And feelings .. Growin' up ! That's it .. Changin' your look to the world .. Havin' new chances after new lessons... In each lesson You get tired .. You cry And laugh .. You forget And remember .. You fall .. But stand up ! .. You don't know how much you're goin' to struggle in this long long road .. But You know that You are goin' to achieve something' ... Something' You really want .. Cryin' doesn't mean You are weak .. Laughin' doesn't mean You are happy .. We can't underestand our feelings .. But we can Give happiness to others .. They say "We're happy they are here .. We are Sad they are gone" no one in this life will cry for you or with You .. No one in this life will leave his hapinness for You .. Make sure that no one in this world can feel what You feel .. Even if they See what You are livin' in ! They know you are havin' hard times ! They'll act Like they don't know .. Never Wait for that knight who will Come and make You happy or help You .. Always make that knight get out from your mind .. You are the solver of your problems .. You are the Creator of your happiness .. You are that one who has a weapon to be stronger after each fall .. Yes You are ... You don't need anyone to tell You that You have great capacities ... You need to prove it to yourself .. Be proud of who you are ! Be the legend You are seein' in your mind ! Shut this fuckin' world up ! 

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