The TXT Files – series 3 — An uncomfortable writer’s convo



I shall start with introducing the text messages. However I am going to work through thought one or two texts at a time. To change it up a little, this is a group conversation and I am going to send this blog into the group to show them what they inspired in me

We will call these people A and B

A: ‘Are you an occult practitioner?’’

So I am thinking – what is an occult…. Ok: The Wiktionary tells me that occult is taken from a latin word, which means the knowledge of the Hidden, ie of paranormal origin rather than measurable scientific knowledge.

B: ‘’For real I am a medium, Yes.’’

A: ‘’Is it white, or black magic?’’


I think: What is white magic, and what is black magic?

I find: Black is the use of magic for evil or selfish purpose, whereas white is the opposite. White magic has been used.  

B:’’ I don't break peoples free will, or use blood sacrifice or do anything that harms people so its white.’’

A: ‘’Now what does it benefit you with just a polite and sincere question?’’

B: ‘’Well, I get to help people connect with their loved ones. And it's very fulfilling.’’

C: ‘’That is incredibly cool’’

A: ‘’Their dead loved ones or living loved ones?’’

B ‘’It is cool, but a burden too. Deceased. I am a psychic, and I pick up on the emotions and pain of others. People will randomly come to me with their problems and I feel the need to help them. Their pain becomes my pain, their thoughts become mine.

A: ‘’That is Spiritism and the architect of all these is at the pit of hell and he is pleased when he sees that he has his followers who propagate this craft, does it not concern you that you are rebelling and sampling on the orders of the architect of orderly universe?’’

B: ‘’I am not evil. Some may believe what they believe but I work only for the Creator. I speak only with angels and good energies. Good night. I’m going to bed. ‘’

A: ‘’I am deeply concerned that you have a zeal to serve our creator but in the wrong avenue, I love to tell you this, goodnight too.’’


A and B clearly have different belief. That does not mean to say that either is right or wrongWho really has the right to judge another? It is possible to know what you believe is good, and whatever you believe in there is free will to do so. This conversation demonstrates a natural tendency which people experience, whereby we judge each other’s belief’s and react accordingly.

The conversation made the atmosphere kinda tense to say the least. Here is why I think this to be so. Person (A) knows already that person (B) is utilising magic practices, because it is mentioned earlier. For (A) to ask ’Now what does it benefit you with just a polite and sincere question?’’ is more likely to be a cunning and challenging question – left at that and without passing judgement would be a polite and sincere question, however there is an ulterior motive to ‘warn’ person (B) of their ‘’wrong’’.

Given the definition of white and black magic, her answer is not clear enough to evidence weather magic is white or black, because it does say she finds it fulfilling – which would be black, but it does not say her actual motives, which could be to bring joy and comfort – thus it being white.

Person (A) is genuinely concerned for person (B) due to his own beliefs on the matter. His belief is something he ‘’knows’’ to be true. But just as beauty, knowledge is too in the eye of the beholder. Everyone is conditioned to believing what they believe based on what they have experienced, and what they are taught. No matter the practice or the religion what matters is what is in the will of a person’s heart. God will know what is in a person’s heart.

Person (A) judges what person (B) is saying too, by politely defending her own belief and exiting the conversation rather than argue about belief. . Contrary to the popular belief, most wars have not been based on religion. Only 7% of all documented wars relate to religion. What wars are fought over is actually belief. Since most wars to man are formed on the basis of belief, well done person (A), you do in this conversation make a conscious effort to be peaceful whilst defending your right to exercise free will with another person who had judged what you are doing to be the work of evil, since that is in accordance with their own beliefs

Person (A) the fact that you sent love shows that your intentions are well meant. Of course it is taught by many religions that being a psychic will have you die, so you genuinely feel the need to warn your fellow man of the danger. All beliefs aside, neither can be said by person A, B, or by me to be correct. They are all beliefs. Every religious or spiritual text believes in their own truth as the truth, and the way people (B) describes that she is a psychic. There has been recent evidence that people have psychic capacity. From a spiritual perspective of a Theist this is often believed to be a gift from God. The idea of many spiritual practices is that ‘’source’’ energy is the creator, and is also light – which is all really just a vibration. At the end of the day, both spiritual practices, and religious texts have some level of scientific and some level of non scientific perspective.        

I have choose to write this because I have a neutral standpoint. I do believe that aspects of both religion, and spirituality have the potential to create a happier world when only the good/ loving parts are combined. The most important being to show respect and tolerance to all other beliefs, to practice loving kindness to all (including to the self), and to practice gratitude. The most important teaching if we are to be at peace with ourselves and our fellow men is not judge, and especially whereby we are imposing on other people’s free will.


If you got this far I hope you enjoyed the read


If you do not yet know I decided, since I often write a lot in a txt, to start a series called the text files whereby the person who sent the txt has anonymity. As I move through the series I will start to link the others at the bottom because there is no way to order series’ in Scriggler the first two are below:

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