Good Friday



Thought's for the day..

"Good Friday"
This day reminds me
An innocent life
Who Sacrificed himself for others for
me, not for wrong doing only for
good sake for us,
Every drop of blood reminds me
His sacrifice for my sin,
Even the pain from the crown of
thorns and all those beating,
wounds and cuts healed
by him to last, the crucifies
reminds me to say to everyone is
"He Died for us, He Sacrificed for us,
He has taken our sins, even he is
watching us and being with us so
why can't we live for him to thank
him for a life he gave us
without any of Salvation,
he forgives us, So why can't
we forgive,
Everyone who is our enemy or rival
in any character of life, why can't we
see that life is too short to live and
He lived for us, so it's our turn
through to live for him.

This day teaches me the big lesson of life.

"Who I found wasn't me,but
who I saw today is real me"
"Be saviour for others not annihilator..


Thank you
(I'm not a Christian,
but I'm a life)

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