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Okay, so it’s an ACDC song. but this FREE media program can be as loud as an ACDC track on full volume if that’s what you want.

I am of course referring to a THUNDER CLAP.

A Thunder Clap is an automated post that goes out from numerous pages from social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

You decide on what date, time and what message you want to have sent out. And YOU decide how many supporters you may be able to get in that amount of days. Have I lost you yet?

Author Karina Kantas Virtual Assistant
Author Karina Kantas ,Virtual Assistant


Actually it’s quite simple.

Say you have set the post BOMB to go off in twenty days, and you think you can get 200 supporters by then, you start posting the link around your social media circles, asking for people to support you.


And how do they do that, you ask?

By agreeing for your special message to go out on their Twitter Feed or Facebook page. It’s all automated. they agree and then forget all about it.

That’s the easy part. As always there is a catch.

If you do NOT reach your target of 200 supporters by the end of the specified date then your message will NOT go out and your campaign is a bust.


This is a fantastic way to get your message out to the thousands, and you decide how loud you want that



Have a quick look at a similar program but in a smaller scale.


 Now take a look an my own campaigns,  and please don’t forget to support.

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