You are sein' yourself as a great person when most of people tell you you are nice or somethin' .. but no ! if there's no one who is sayin' shit things 'bout you .. you'll never be that great person you'll dreamin' of ! because the road of a legend will never be easy .. Haters do exist you need to show them that you are more powerfull and stronger than them .. you need to show yourself that what you are dreamin' of can happen .. you need to make sure that nothin' in this world can stop you .. you have a goal .. you have plans .. you have great dreams .. don't let anyone tell you that your dreams are simple .. You need to hide these things in your mind you need to make em bigger and greater just to shut every fuckin' idiot in this place .. No one can be higher than your dreams .. So shut them up .. You need to look higher everytime you need to put in your head that nothin' in this place can let you down .. We don't believe in miracles .. We believe in ourselves .. We believe in our minds .. We believe in what we are doin' .. Yes We Do !

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