The 5 Awkward Minute Script



The empty and well rehearsed language of pre-meeting settling

If you are looking for truth in human connection,

And deeper relationships steeped in affection,

And discussions to engage and really explore,

Then avoid client meetings and the moments before,

Where talk is superficial and distance maintained,

The emotions are fake and the interest is feigned,

All parties know the chatter to offset delays,

And exactly what every person will say,

So while we wait for attendees, you know the drill,

You have 5 to 10 awkward minutes to fill,

Ask me some questions while we sit here and stall,

And let's talk without really talking at all,

Because substance and connection, those are the worst,

We need empty and meaningless, you go first!

"Was traffic bad?  Did you find an alternate route?

Whereabouts do you live?  How is that commute?

Do you drive in each morning?  Or do you take the train?"

I hope you answer sincerely but know my interest will wane,

None of us care but let's say it together,

"How was your weekend, how 'bout this weather?

Great office location, have you been here a while?

Lots of after work options for the rank and file?"

And then the actors nod, they've completed their lines,

They filled up the space with the blank and benign'

"We're all here so let's begin" and off we go!

Were they interesting?  Nice?  I really don't know.




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