From First To Last



A story of love and rejection. Featured in Little By Little out 30/01/2017!

He will never love me in the way I love him.

I’ve wasted all this time believing that we would end up together. 

The pain rips through my chest with the same velocity of a bullet.

Somehow, I think the bullet shattering my ribs would hurt less than

when he looked at me and said, „I could never be with anyone like you.“ 

What was so wrong with me that he couldn’t take the time to see

what lies beyond this scarred exterior?

Invalidation threatened the very core of my being.

I devolved into the worst thing a person can. 

He played the strings of my existence;

expertly knowing when and which string to pluck.

I was nothing more than a source of amusement for him,

while my heart was tearing at the seams with all that I felt

for him. 

And left with blood stained hands is where I lay,

forever haunted by the question of what I did wrong. 


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