Winter Storm



winter storm

A power cut constructs a bathing of black

Due to a tumultuous winter storm

But the house, even in darkness, is familiar to me

No need to fret, I'm calm and collected

The tempestuous wind fails to unsettle me

As it rattles the windows and front door

Seeking a way in

I light a candle and settle on the sofa

Book in hand, all perfectly relaxed

I devour the first chapter, mind engrossed

The evening is turning out to be rather grand

When suddenly a sound disturbs the peace

My mobile phone reveals a new text

I pick it up and look at the bright screen

Probably my mother

Or a friend

The words I read fill me with horror

I'm in your house. I'm going to kill you.

I don't recognize the number

Surely a prank — albeit a nasty one at that

A second text arrives


I hold my breath and do as I'm asked

The wind howling

The mantelpiece clock ticking

Otherwise silence

The candle flame dances

Vague shadows flickering around the room

A minute goes by

The longest minute of my life 


I exhale

A sick-minded joker

Maybe I should call the police

A third text arrives

I'm going to chop you into little pieces

Fear is replaced by a flash of anger

How dare this sick prankster do this to me!

Right, that's it!

I call the number of the prankster

You're about to experience my wrath!

I press the call button

A phone rings

Directly behind me

Behind the sofa

I drop my phone

My heart is encased in ice

Time stands still

The moment is nightmarish

Sickly dread grips me

Slowly ...

... I turn ...

... my head

A shadow within shadows




It moves forward

A face appears



Rotten teeth

Drooling saliva

I scream ...



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