For You



Because true love can be found in the most unexpected places...

I had stopped believing in soul mates,
In bare boned "meant to be",
Soul mates were surely fairytales
And fate was just fantasy.

I had spent so long chasing the white rabbit
That I failed to see the reality,
That the calm to my chaos, my future forever,
Was right in front of me.

We found ourselves alone,
Like two bright stars in the dark,
And with a nudge from the watching universe,
We discovered this spark.

You look at me like you have never
Laid eyes on a person before,
You take in every inch, every freckle of my face,
As you gaze in wonder and awe.

Weightless worries fly away
From this chaotic mind of mine.
I learn the stronger the love the more delicate the touch,
As your fingers dance along my spine.

Our expressions mirror each other
And in this moment we both know,
That with these smiles on our faces,
Together we will grow old.

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