Tangled Web




Why did I post that on Facebook?

Why did I say it like that?

I can’t delete it,

Someone’s liked it,

Why did they like it?

Its shit,

If I delete it,

People will know

And it will show

I’ve detracted

My own words -

That makes it worse!

Why did I say that on Twitter?

I can feel the taste of bitter

Regret in my mouth

When I think of

What I came out with,

It’s now deleted,

But not from my mind,

And someone probably read it

Before I had time to press

Pause and rewind,

How many followers saw it?

I hope no-one screenshot it,

Right after I tweeted,

Just before I deleted,

And decided I should

Express my thoughts

Through the sound of pressing

Buttons on the keyboard,

Which, by the way,

Is nowhere near as

Mighty as the sword,

Good Lord -

Only knows what I was thinking,

This typed-up brain-fart

On a public thread

Full of the very people

I’m trying to impress,

Maybe I should deactivate

My profile,

Or maybe I should create

A new Twitter handle,

Or maybe I should also

Change my name in real life

As well as online,

Or maybe I should make good use of my time

Instead of procrastinating

And reading all the swearing

From people over-sharing on

Youtube, I’m not a troll,

But I can’t always control

The quality of my status updates,

I thought they were worth sharing

But most are past the point of caring,

What’s worse than no-one liking your post?


I don’t want anyone to look at my profile right now,

I want everyone to look in a little while,

When I’ve found something good to share,

That you like and shows you care,

And that other people out there feel the same way -


What’s worse than no-one liking your post?

Being in tagged in god awful photos?


It's a tough question:

Hashtag First World problems.

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