Let's bake Votes over Dead Bodies.....



Dedicated to Donald Trump,OBAMA ,Hilary Clinton& All Politicians Who try to bake Votes over dead Bodies..Welcome to Politically sponsored Global Terrorism

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Let's Play this game again..

Let me blame you

And You Blame me

Let Kids,Lovers,fathers,mothers be mass murdered

Let's bring our breads

and Bake them all

Over dead Bodies 

of our own children

Let's blame

Terrorists,Racists,Anti Gay hate criminals

As more people are insecure

More Votes we count

Sometime for 'self defense'

Sometimes threaten them for 'world peace'

Let's not kill Terrorists

Let's mint money in OIL

More people are scared

More weapon we make

And more weapon we sell

Let's partner with one Terrorist

To Kill Another

As We must have someone to threaten our voters

Let's come together

let's Bake Votes...

["CRIMINAL BY CHOICE" is dedicated to all youngsters, who are struggling for freedom from Politically Sponsored Global Organized Human Trafficking-Drugs-Terrorist syndicates from India to Iraq and PAKISTAN to USA]




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