When I Am Needed



Poem about the seasons of friendship.

Sun, moon and stars above

Whispering winds and gentle breezes

Only here when I am needed

I am your friend and healer for a time

Teaching you your way to find

Even in my heart you will be

To leave one day and move on from me

Never to have you for more than a season

Alone I will be and alone I will remain

To move you onward down your path again

In the shadows of your memory I will be

Simply your stories to tell of me

In my heart there is a yearning

But from this path there is no turning

To know you beyond the time of your healing

Would be giving in to the pleasure of feeling

A path of which will not be heeded

Because I am here only when needed

Maybe one day with a fondness of smile

You will remember me and reminisce for awhile

This path you walk is not mine to share

In fondness and love I leave you there



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