Fleshy Pickles



A bit graphic, not for those easily grossed out. Inspired by a weird Russian museum and a trip I took to Body-Worlds Exhibit. Not as fictional as people may think. Imagine that this being read to you in a slow baritone or bass voice. All spelling and grammar is by artistic choice and not an error.

There’s been Talk
Of what among us are Freaks
Frankensteins’ that did not flourish
Mutants who found life a cruel burden
Jars they crammed them in
Like fleshy pickles.
Their Flaws
All despicable.
Misplaced pieces, too many
or none at all
Four eyes, no nose, and other Picasso's
Everything exposed — No Flash Photography Please-
Full rooms of these: From Fetus, Teenage, through to Elderly
A Library of Misfits, Losers of this Genetic Lottery.
Nature’s Will to euthanize normalcy -
Society packed them , stacked them neatly; and of course Charged Admission.
Rows of familiar parts but wholly not human;
Evolutionary Counterfeit. Reminders of what could have been.

To showcase each heinous disfigurement , the bodies were arranged in many ways. Separate from the jar exhibit, each model had a small platform on which it was presented; others were suspended from hooks , which swayed slightly giving them a Disturbing Animation.
I admit I was uneasy , and guilty of holding trace suspicion. The Air seemed Saturated with thoughts not entirely my own. What if they were merely conserving their energy , perfectly capable of, at any moment, snapping out of such momentary hibernation ?
One cadaver was holding his own head in his hands.
Another was sliced from the skull through the sternum, making twin halves of its top portion, a manufactured Siamese. Another, a torso from which several appendages emerged, gave some bastardized imitation of Vishnu.

With Creatures to make you cringe, spoiled smells, joints unhinged
Every step into this Pathological Zoo
Serves as further proof
We’re walking into
the hidden chapter- An untold passage of Dante’s.
Maybe its art.
Maybe its adding insult to injury.
A Compendium of Torture in full display.
A Graveyard where the Artists play
with their brand new kind of clay ;
Muscles and tendons re-positioned
Connective tissue pulled and pinned, a spectrum of perverse dissection.
Fascia Bent, cut, stretched, fanned; Organs out or in-
split the UGLY CANVAS SKIN, Ransom this Human Hyde, insides sucked dry, all sizes, like business suites they hung, absent of all wrinkles. Others kept their adipose clothes, postmortem operations continued row after row. Doctors wish they could wield their scalpels like butchers
Saw through bone like it was lumber, separate the white and red fibers
twisted, torn, cracked, severed.
Reveal a cornucopia of disease. A museum of monstrosities,
An Endless Tour of Flesh, reprise of disparity.
Cant count how many faces,
The Dead will always outnumber The Living.
And these beings sit unflinching still, as if remnants of Medusa’s Will,
Immobile, contorted, and in posture Frozen.

Strangely it is not the nakedness of the specimens that draws the mind
but the thought pervading — That you and I,
We have been granted a capable Vessel.
We are capable; They are Nature’s Abortions. Orphans handicapping our Utopia.
Better to die than suffer that curse
Better it them than Us.
Why this matter of course
so hard for some ? What is the impetus for such
Genuine Abomination ?
What reason to begin a life in debt
Battling for every breath ?
It is said that Karma never leads
But can it follow a man past death,
And does it always know what’s best?
Does Karma accept when a guilty man repents
And does it judge the acts of man or his intent ?

There is then my Heart’s chagrin
Must challenge fill up their Life’s basin
Overflowing, Contagious?
I am Hell’s spectator, PUNCH DRUNK SHOCK BLIND
Never before viewed life to find
A malfunction in DNA’s assembly line
Now when I look at this Pitiful Circus
Such claritY — a new focus
What was coY revealed as Obvious
Hiccup of dust turned to Mt. Vesuvius
Senses once rust -now ascertain and Keen
Proving there’s Light Years of Distance Between
What is caged and what is free
What is real and make believe
What is felt and what is seen
What you get and what you dream
What we say and what we mean
What stays preserved and rotten meat
What is thought and what got done , Candle’s flame dwarfed by the SuN
From ghostly ashes a Phoenix RiseN,
Test decadence to success , puerile checkers versus chess
Compare Pauper’s despair to a blessed Princess, Survival and our Happiness,
Lover and your Greatest Rival, Difference of Fair skies or hail,
Hammer / Nail, Wind / Sail, Air balloon or Anvil,
Frown or Smile, Distance of an
inch or mile ,
Drop of rain
and the Nile,
Ripeness does
Contrast Child,
or Be Wild,
spirit-riotous or docile , What’s considered:
Grotesque and Beautiful , Good and Evil,
Porno and the Holy Grail, Beer and Ginger ale
The mundane and a Miracle, A Win and a Fail ?

I think

All these things-
a Sliding Scale.
Sparks From
The Same

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