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Last few hooks and stuff that where lying around my computer — only have one full song to write, focusing now on translations — if anyone can help translate anything please inbox or facebook inbox me :)

1) (hook)


A good girl, attention, gets attention from the good boys

So tell me why she always come (seems to come across) coy,

Never with a good boy, always with a hood boy,

But a good hood guy (attention ) gets attention from the hood girls,

That’s never what he wanted, only wants himself a good girl,

But hood girls are the easy — he never had much self worth,

Think he should have tried a little harder with the good girl,

That way he’d be happy and she wouldn’t keep on being hurt,


Opposites attract that’s just the way it goes,

So — so little trust for men- n girls we callin’ ‘em hoes,

Romance died what fells so right might always leads to woes,

Temporary, partners and our lovers become foes,

Why it’s like this for some? Only- God knows

Until they grows unfold a story lead a life like God chose,

Can’t put a finger on it, (But its) Easy like phonics — Natural moving ultrasonic

Weak in the knees – like — the birds and the bees

Smile in the eye, tougher shells are sweeter inside,

Ready or not? here it comes- you can’t hide,

It’s gonner find you, then take your pride,

 (Well — ready sit back and enjoy the ride)


2 (verse)

This is my song, and its going, to young girls out there,

So here’s my song that I would like to share,

I know what I learned, and there’s much more to learn too,

So much more than what they teach in schools,

I thought back then, that I could be smart,

I kept my head in books,  let no one in my heart

But if I knew then what I knew now,

I wouldn’t have learned what I have found,

Was taught sex education, can’t teach love,

Lust is a drug, easy to take too much, (the bad stuff)

Contraception and other failed precautions,

So in school I was taught of abortion,

They don’t teach, how you grow,

Cherish seeds — forever sowed



(3 verse)

Hey child why you look so low?

She looked me in my eyes and said,

Dads depressed and, my mum on blow,

And I’m wondering if I’m better off dead,

Don’t feel love in the place,

In the place she calls home,

No it’s not right not fair,

That in so many places it goes on


Many things go on in so many neighbourhoods,

Do you think we could, Think we could maybe should,

Make it work don’t make it hurt, for children here on earth,

They are the future, the future




Don't get me even started-started- I'm k-k-k kicking it counting sheep,

Go-to pause rewind n replay some things so I can sleep,

Sound of breath is silent and there’s not even a peep,

I'll breathe easier knowing what I sowed -one day will reap,

So you might look fresh, fresh to death,  

What's looking fresh — looks they fade before the last breath?

Are you smoking poppies – jeez?

Tell me what I don't know  - please — about the fiends

Kknow the team's, that make a living profiting from schemes

That destroy the dreams, and so it seems so many people that claim to hate the system,

Fall into it, play a victim — when really they made the victim

Count your blessings, then, be cautious of how you stepping,

Question – what are you repping?



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