Does a woman have more than her heart to think about in loving? Does a man seek just a warm company? When two hearts are involved, do not baggage of life and encumbrances come in tow? Our resolve tear Banana leaves, reveal blindness.


The broad banana green leaf, sway my blindness,

I can see clearly through the anagram “violated” – “I love tad”,

Little loved, kept as the outsider, thumped for sure,

Tell, have I played this hand and lost, all my aces?


Letting go, that I cannot seem to grasp,

Why are we both still in search of the holy grail of happiness?

You to be cared for and I to your lovely company too,

Realizing that you are what you are and I what I am.


The reckless struggles of life have done us no justice,

We are fortuitously sagged with baggage and encumbrances,

Peeping over the tall shoulder of fate for goodness,

Yet filled with want and wantonness for each other.


I have chosen to love regardless, a heart not free,

Nothing new, except that my big heart sweetened; so filled,

Is thrown in the balance, now weighs so little,

Thankful for the experience, and till the very end, all hope.


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