A thousand splendid suns..



This literary write up sets as an ode of respect for all the women who have had to suffer the pain of treason. It speaks about an untold saga of lives of women in Afghanistan. Do cast a glance!

In a crimpy hut I lay all day,

Such a tiny home, could we even say?

Just one mistake that cursed her life,

I was in her arms and still she was alive…

All these long years I failed to realize,

The man I called my father was a devil inside.

He came once a week and spoke to me

My mother was our servant who fed us bread and tea

She tried to speak but he’d always cut her through

I felt he was so dear and that nobody knew

She used to stand there alone, weeping her tears;

I kept ignoring like I couldn’t even hear


Always had a dream, to see his home

He said my place in there was never ever shown

She said don’t go!

You’ll shatter to see

That your place in his life is nowhere to be

I’ll die if you leave,

You’re the only one I need

Do me a favour, don’t go please

But I didn’t even see

The water in her eyes,

With a shawl in my arms I walked with the skies


Crossing the hill, the lane finally came

I got his address by just taking his name

How fascinated I was with all this fame

Without even dreaming, he was only a shame!

The whole long day

I stood at his gate

But he didn’t even open dreading his own fate


As Aka had said,

I bled for you, putting pride at stake

And you leaving me alone for his mistake

I ran back to the hill,

Crying back to her

Her arms were heaven, where I’d forget my fear


She was lying there numb,

Under the wind that blew

Her eyes were shut

And I had lost her too….

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