The Choice



Exchange of letters over food in a 12-step program

Dear Paula,
I notice you're eating a lot of heavy meals-like pizza
When I do that I'm looking for comfort
Not healthy eating
Maybe you could do some writing about that
Get to the bottom of it
                                                       Love, Peggy

Dear Peggy,
I eat pizza 'cause it's cheap-82 cents per serving
As opposed to Healthy Choice
Which is $2.00 or more per serving
It also cooks in only 20 minutes
So the comfort I'm looking for
Is saving money. And cooking a meal
For the entire family in 20 minutes
It's really that simple
                                                      Love, Paula

Dear Paula,
Want you healthy 'cause I care
                                                     Love, Peggy

Dear Peggy,
I know the national guidelines
Are five to seven fruits and veggies daily
I eat three fruits and aim for one veggie
It would be more if veggies were cheaper
                                                     Love, Paula


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