Ghetto Gospel



A message of hope that one day instead of our children standing on street corners following the misled they become motivators of a new generation.

There were dark times full of self-doubt,
Soul so shattered, hard to find a way out.
Turned to the streets just to survive,
Unaware of the speed running nowhere in life.
Caught within a storm spiraling every day,
Doing what I could to avoid all the pain.
No supporters, distorted, only decimation,
Got up off my knees gazed upon devastation.
A sewer rat in combat with blinded eyes,
Dug so far underground I seen a new sky.
With the welfare, no care, only crack in the pipe,
Children left starving, parents all out of sight.
Alcoholic addict child’s eyes were numb,
Food stamp traders smoked up every one.
Is it hustles to destroy daughter’s and sons,
Set up for failures, armed for prison and done.
Every corner there’s a vulture and leech,
Teaching diseased seeds, eating the weak.
This sick cycle repeats in every city,
People rob their own families without any pity.
The disenchanted seeing no hope in life,
Their low pay jobs never let them get right.
So the easy route out sell drugs and survive,
Even though they kill their own mother and child.
It’s parents and children I witnessed it all,
Kids stay starving just so they can get off.
Reeducate youths, show there’s brighter life,
Teach pride in right not stupid gang signs.
Protect your people stop killing them all,
Change the life so we can carry this on.
Every life matters yet we scatter the brains,
Teach kids life sentences like that is the fame.
Cracked concrete where no rose grows,
Only wasted souls this is out of control.
Take back the hood to uplift all the broken,
Time to take action and remove the corrosion.
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