A Rage of Tenderness.....



A look back and feel for the past life Writer 1900@gmail.com

A Rage of Tenderness.......


As the sun came up the room grew cold
and the other side took control.
I let them in and turned away
depressed at yet another day
The wind was swept beyond the trees
'though I could barely hear their breeze
standing in this four-walled room
I feel the chill of lonely doom.
Crying out would be a waste
I quickly dress, but in my haste
I find I miss your soul, your warm caress,
your final rage of tenderness.
One day our other worlds may touch
so that I can tell you oh how much
I've missed the ride with you and I,
our hearts above the open sky.
Now, the years have intertwined,
my thoughts, not very much in line.
Yet here and there I see your smile
and I return for a while.....
Suddenly the room grows cold
I see the day has grown so old
I see my dreams float toward the floor
As the sun goes down beyond my door......

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