Sparks in the Darkness (For the Orlando Shooting Victims)



This piece was written as I am still trying to wrap my mind and heart around the senseless tragedy in Orlando, FL. If nothing else, it reminds us that we must each snatch JOY while we are still here! lmr

Hard to believe, 
Impossible to fathom
That some heartless,
Godless someone
Could hate you
So much
Because of
Who you love...
Hate you
Without even knowing you
Or the feel of your touch...
Hate you
Because of
Who you love...
Turn your essence into
Dust... hate you
Without ever engaging in
One conversation.
Hate you...
Without ever hearing
The sound of your voice,
Hate you...
Without ever knowing
The size of your dreams.

I am broken, and
Heavyhearted.  I am
Sparks in the darkness.

I am HOWLING, and
These tears are
Falling for
Each stranger I
Never knew.
I am grieving for
You, Orlando...
I am grieving for
Each mother who must
Bury a child
Prematurely.  I am grieving
This sick and senseless
Absence of

I am grieving
Each dream left
And every potential
Left hemorrhaging
On a blood-soaked
Dance floor.
Hard to believe,
Impossible to fathom
That some heartless,
Someone could hate you;
Despise your essence
So thoroughly,
They would coldly
Your beautiful flame...

Just because
Of who you


copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross

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