Cats are such intriguing creatures. A poem about a feline muse.

Green luminous eyes stare into a magical world that I can only dream of entering.
Her black silky ears prick up at sounds that are withheld from finite human senses.
She gazes transfixed into a netherworld full of fascination and fantasies privy only to
her feline imagination.
As I write, she intuitively guides my every word and phrase.
Her persistent purrs and cheerful chirrups urge me on to greater creativity.
A shadowy domain of the unborn waits to spring to life at her command.
A mischievous minx she transforms into
a master craftsman,
a mysterious muse with the enviable ability to draw out seemingly elusive ideas that once were sleeping and dormant
in the deep
fathomless realms
of my soul,
but now
they flow forth like a
my blank white computer screen.



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