Fighting for her love



I decided to challenge myself to try to write a rhyming poem as I usually go for free verse. I had to write it from the point of view of someone in love with a girl.


This is one that I came up with:

Lying here in her arms

I feel content and proud

Proud that she will guard me from any wound

When I'm with her, it's the only time

I never feel anything but love

No doubt or fear, I don't pine

For times gone by, she fits me like a glove

And I get it now

Why my sister said that the right girl

Can make you want to grow

The instant I met her, I felt myself start to unfurl

She makes everything clear

Her smile lighting the dark night

No matter what the distance, near or far

I know that she'll always back me in the fight


Copyright Emily Morris 2016


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