I Can't Write Like This!



There are many distractions in a writer's life that delay you, sap your inspiration or simply lure you off task. Here's a little poem about one of mine.

I sit here contemplating,
Some discomfort in my jeans.
My Levis, that are tight at best,
Are bursting at the seams.

No, I've not been at the broccoli,
Nor beans, nor aubergine,
And I've not eaten all the pies,
And I don't need to pee.

No, the problem is located,
At the front beneath the fly.
There's an excess of pressure,
I expect you wonder why

Well, its all the fault of my dear wife,
Interfering shamefully,
She came and sat beside me,
Put her hand upon my knee.

I sat down to write a poem,
Or some prose at any rate,
But as she strokes my inner thigh,
Its hard to concentrate.

I'm trying, yes I'm trying!
But she's kissing me as well.
Now I can't think of anything,
But comedic doggerel.

OK, I've lost this battle.
I can't write like this! Instead,
I'll give up on this for a bit,
And take her back to bed ;)


© Marcus Brook 2017


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