Broken Peaces




Peace evades me,
Slippery, I can't hold it,
It fumbles my grip
And I stumble
And fall
As I try to catch it.
That which once was mine,
Gone, wasted...
Hear the bass line,
The aggressive drums
Echoing my actions,
Teeth gnashing.

This peace I once held
Quietly in my heart,
Ensconced in its velvet lined box
A precious thing.
Once silent and golden.
Now becomes a demon,
Furious claws tearing,
Muscles bunched and terrible
It hurts itself against
The walls of my mind.

Biting me like a feral rodent,
It twists in my grasp,
Bleeding me and infecting me
With its very touch.
Sharp teeth sink
Into soft skin.
White knuckles,
Fear and tension,
None of it a remedy
To this evil little monster.

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