The Waiting



This is for all the adults and children who are denied their fundamental human rights to see each other when relationships break down and when the justice system fails, its child and emotional abuse, something has got to change and soon.


A mother sits waiting for that call
A father stands patiently in the room
There causes both the same
Were they to be reunited at last.

Just like clumps of snow falling down
Just like rain distorting their view
Just like counting to the next Thunder clap
Just like hoping for that one ray of sunshine.

Days, months, year of undeniable pain
Tears held back with almighty strain
Anger frustration helplessness
All for one fairytale kingdom magic.

The smile and laughter of an innocent child to be heard once more
That's all they want to fix their broken world.
Mother, Father, child will they be reunited or will the cruel world of parental alienation rule again.

© Grant Dickson 07/03/2016

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