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Ever get that low and empty feeling, when everything is fine, so you don't really feel low. That's how it is when you are numb.

What is this feeling, That lies deep within?

Its afloat, then it sinks, sinks so quick on a whim,

What is this emotion, then deep down inside?

I cant judge, I can't feel, I can't run, I cant hide,

No thoughts accompany, this feeling I feel,

It's not really a feeling, but it is one, for real,

One minute was sorrow, the next a leap of joy,

life is the yoyo, and I am the toy,


It's the energy within us, that good and bad both hits hard,

It came without warning, that life dealt its cards, 

When it threw us a ten, jack king queen and ace, 

It sent our hearts soaring, and dreams into space,

Suddenly it deals 2:7 off suit, and what a pursuit,

It is to keep going, and compete in the race,

The feeling pass through, numbness is poker face.    



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