Away From Me



The hollowness that haunts those of us who struggle with bipolar and or borderline personality, illustrated in a stunning work. Featured in Little By Little out 30/01/2017

My screams fall on deaf ears.

Those around cannot even begin to understand 

how I feel.

Embrace the scars that cage me.

Embrace the scars that free me. 

Born in rivers of blood.

Born in intense grief. 

My screams echo through my mind.

My bones rattle from malnourishment.

No matter how deep I go,

I fail to find any sustenance inside. 

No matter how much I expel,

there is still enough toxicity in me

to threaten my sanity.

I’ve lost all faith in what could be

for the misery that is.

All I’m asking for is to be set free. 

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