Re: How many refugees are leaving unknown for unknown, yet leaving anyways! How BAD things must be!

On foot, in fear


Nightmares in arrears

Ahead, unknown

Is just as bad as choosing to stay home

Almost a quarter of the world

Is on foot, all they own on their back

Walking away in dread

What awaits is just as uncertain

But, it beats waiting to be shot dead

When the unknown and uncertain seems better than the known

There is money to be made

Feeding a growing black market

Where human beings are the commodites of trade

Feeding upon terror

Selling what may work or what may fail

No longer their problem, when they depart from shore

Given to God, when they set sail

And, today is is on sale!


To the terrified and hopeless

It sounds a safer and possibly

Just a ghost of a chance, worth it

Or making it to the other side

Without being swallowed by the sea

Or returned home, by other methods

For which they did not pay

But, will be lucky if they endure

The tremendous price exacted by a single day 

Because staying where one is

Where there is no trace of law and order

Just a ghost of a chance, worth it

To make it to the border

Just a ghost of a chance, someone, somewhere

Will show concern or care

For all the wars we've fought and lost

Down the centuries

We still have not learned the cost

Of looking the other way

To go

Or to stay?


The ones who suffer most are not carrying any guns

They have children on their shoulders

And don't walk, but practically run

Leaving all they had behind

Professions, houses, and aborted lives

Heading toward entirely unknown

Stuff in the making, upon which terror thrives

When will we learn?

What will it take?

When just a ghost of a chance seems better

And a lesser risk to take


Nonetheless, thousands dare

I watch on television

Hundreds of miles from where


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