Imagine! A siluriforme!



Vote Aquarian!


 My intent was could go either way.

Of time spent in perusement of prime presidential parlay.

An event of a choosing, we must have our say,

but, I'm bent on boozing, seeing the havoc at play.


 It can't be that hard, just don't tell us lies!

There's scant few so smart and so much applies.

We're a pretty good lot when we see your team tries

but, fear pity we've not, for where the fan feces flies.


 So at odds and divided, methinks there's no hope.

With wodka and olives imbibed, as I drinks to each dope.

Then a write in! A draft in with a nautical scope!

A knight in white and black skin! Vote "Fishy philanthrope"!

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There's more where that came from!