I Tried To Stop Time





I tried to stop time -

As I kidded myself

There's more to it

Than there actually is

I lied to myself

Like a cheap watch,

I tried to make the hands stop,

The constant ticking tricking me

Into wishful thinking,

There wasn't enough time to kill,

I wanted to stand still,

Like a drug that evaporates

Before I can get the rush,

Slipping through my fingers like dust,

Inconsumable because

Even when you press pause,

Skip, best bits record,

The world still keeps revolving

At a hundred miles an hour it seems,

Before you can say run,

You're gonna miss the setting sun -


Keep breathing,


I tried to stop time,

And as I write this poem

I run away from what I'm

Supposed to be doing,

Living every moment to the fullest

While still getting shit done

And simultaneously achieving

The greatest -


I'll do it tomorrow,


Or the day after,

I hope so,


But for now I ride the flow

Of this poem until

It frees me from

What the world expects of me daily,

A shower, shit and shave,

Not too much to ask you could say,

Basic Human decency,

Going to bed early,

Getting up before the kids finish school,

Hearing them run from that

Tightly-scheduled hell-hole from

My bedroom window,

Living next to an institution of

Adult fools teaching their clouded

Rules as their prodigies

Run from their time-restricted goals

To another part of the day

Where freedom is time

On their own terms,

Until they have to meet yet

Another milestone,

Moving along that conveyer belt

Of compulsory education,

Always reaching for

The next appointment,

Not trying to waste anyone else's

Precious moments -


Or your own for that matter -


Time: You are a fucker.


















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