What's wrong with watching the news?



How the world creeps into our house and keeps us smaller and more frightened. The world grows as we sink in our chair.

 A beautiful day outside,

you sit in your chair,

muscles relaxed

Your back sags

Deep into the leather restraints

You remain

News cast warns, impending storm

They’ll show you every death and every bit of destruction

But don’t be alarmed

Close the blinds, protect yourself

Turn your chair away from the door

All you need to know is what they feed you

But there’s more!!


There’s violence in the streets

and they’ll deliver every bit

truths,  half truths and lies,

You sink in your chair

As you slowly go blind

The light in the room dims

You pull closer to the television

Turn up the sound

While beasts with great shadows

Stream across the wall,

Mosquitos, flies, criminals

Be afraid of them all

Zica, west nile, you keep your windows closed

Can’t go outside

For fear of the heat, or the bacterium

Sure to infect

Be assured the news is there

Be still as they protect

You sink, deeper into that shrinking chair

The front door is unsafe

You linger there

Shadows cover the walls, flooding the floors

But wait, there’s more


Don’t eat, don’t drink

Don’t do this, stay

And watch the app

Stream live

We’ll be right back

Stay tuned

Close to an image of the world

You’ll never see

Stay in your chair, shrink

There’s no place else you need to be

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