Beyond Expression



Attempt to write an account of an indescribable connection.

I don’t want to tell you that I love you.

Those words seem empty compared to what I feel.

I have loved before, in many ways.

Until my heart broke, until my soul seemed to shatter,

So much that I believed I reached

The height of all happiness,

So much that no amount of tears

Could hope to drown my sorrows.

I thought a few times that I had found the one

That fit the missing puzzle piece of my heart,

But they were only poorly reflected copies,

Always leaving a gap for misery and discontent to enter.

You came into my life like a quiet storm,

Disrupting all of my thoughts,

Stealing my heart’s attentions,

Making it impossible to focus on anything but you.

When we kissed, it eclipsed everything I ever knew.

Volumes worth of experience and musings on love

Were lost in less than the blink of an eye,

Replaced by a single book with clean pages,

Being dictated by you and written in my heart’s blood.

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