Diplomatic Jollof Row



Nigerians and Ghanaians are forever bickering on twitter, "our jollof rice is better than yours". This is an attempt at pitching in, with a poem. I hope it brings you to our side :).

Two cups of polished grains
One large grade A onion
Tasty tomatoes in fleshy plums
Five is good enough
But six would make it pop
Three tablespoons of oil
Or virgin margarine
A dash of happy pepper
Your seasoning cube of choice
And some fine salt to taste
You already know what to cook
Delicious to every bud
Sexy sans Insta filters
Nigeria's rich Jollof Rice.

But in the absence of fleshy plums
When peppers weep of warts
And onions are stripped of honour
Where seasoning cubes are scarce
and salt is diamond lite
You can still whip 'em all
In a sorry pot, of course
And make Ghana's Jollof Lite.

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