Clichéd nuance of zero-hero



this is about the similarity between zero and vacuum and air. it says, "dust thou art, to dust returnest".

Where math and nature merge,

This poem begins to surge,

In reality, it is blurred,

The existence of such a thing.


Like zero is an additive identity,

I beg your pardon for the language;

It is when you add it you know,

The question’s and the result’s similarity.


Likewise we have air,

And we do not care,

Busy with subtle changes of life,

Hypocrisy, pomp and flair.


Conversely we have zero,

And to see what’s the fun,

Multiply what you want and it,

Notice the difference? None?


Yet, see your  “pay no heed”,

Has made the air to leave,

It’ll deduce us to nothing again,

As you sow, so you reap.


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