The Wine You Are



Painful memories of a bottle of wine that was put back onto the shelf when the time was wrong, but an homage not to where it is, but to when we are.

The tincture you bring 

is that my love alone is my everything: 

a riddle to solve to let freedom ring, 

when to this Romeo freedom and love are one thing,

like truth and beauty are

and real love, 

so rare,

provides the imagination

with new ways to reach the same thing,

She is different, 

yet my everything:

this riddle 

to keep love enterprising,

like a space ship flies

through where this is none but stars

where all here

is neither there,

nor gone.


This love I have, 

that flourishes for you,

like a flower you'll find

One day,

when you pick

"brand new."


But maybe instead,

life is first meant

for the kids:

who learn

and play

and change 



into an eventual adult,

one with responsibilities

to hold only what world needs most:

a blank space

for a special blue kiss.


-My love for my love.

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