I feel inspired to write sonnets today! Yes, yes... I know I've put in an extra quatrain again; I point (deferentially) to The Bard's own exceptions, and cower in shame beneath my artistic licence.

Poets pour their souls into their verse,
And if you read a lot of them you'll see,
That some of them are better, some are worse,
But all of them are much like you and me.

The Bard himself could place into your mind,
Such vivid images with nought but rhyme,
Yet if you read 'Collected Works' you'll find
He wrote some real crap from time to time.

Yet e'en the worst of doggerel may well,
Contain a pearl of wisdom, or of gold.
Perhaps the final line will ring a bell,
Even if the rest has left you cold.

Yes, I have found adventure in hum-drum,
And caught a glimpse of heaven through hellish text.
I've felt the silk, a pig's ear's fashioned from,
And read some dreadful scansion schemes that worked well in context.

So honour those that take the time to write,
And persevere, even if it's shite.

© Marcus Brook 2017


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